Will 4K & Glasses-Free Finally Make 3DTV Ready for Prime Time? #CES2016

A highlight of Super Bowl 50 television coverage was the replay graphics that depicted a 360 degree view of a given play. CNET accurately described the three-dimensional effect as being something out of the movie, the Matrix. If Stream TV’s vision becomes reality, future Super Bowls may feature three-dimensional viewing for the live action as well.

And this future may not be too far off, as Stream TV demonstrated glasses-free, 4K, 3DTV at last month’s CES 2016. Although it is not possible to provide the 3D effect in the above video interview, this author can attest that the technology works in his eyes. Stream TV founder and CEO, Mathu Rajan also claims that one can watch for extended periods of time without the eye fatigue that has traditionally burdened 3D TVs that require glasses. In the above interview, he stresses that eliminating the need for glasses is necessary to make 3D TV to finally be successful.

Rajan indicates their technology converts standard video content to 3D TV, solving the content problem. With the advent of low-cost, 3D capture camcorders [such as the one featured in this December 2015 ViodiTV video], content may start to become more readily available.

He points out that there technology will allow people to experience goggle-free, virtual reality. Presumably, in this scenario, control of 360 degree views would be accomplished via external devices (e.g. tablets) or via a Natural User Interface (that could elevate the meaning of fighting over the remote control to determine how a family is going to watch TV).

StreamTV is licensing its technology. The applications for the tech go beyond the television and include PC monitors, smart phones and tablets. One of the first applications for the Stream TV technology will be digital signage and one can pre-order a 65″ glasses-free commercial display for $5,995. Considering that a 65″ TV that would have cost $5,500 in October 2013 could be purchased for only $899 in January 2016, it is not too difficult to imagine the availability of glasses-free 3D television at mass-market prices in time for a Super Bowl in the not-too-distant future.

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