3D Outdoor Reality

A concern of mine regarding 3DTV has been what happens if I am at a friend’s house to watch a program and I don’t have 3D glasses. To paraphrase Groucho Marx, would I really want to borrow a pair of glasses from someone who would be a friend of mine (or vise-versa)? Who knows what sort of germs might be squirming around on a well-used pair of 3D glasses?

Of course, my experience carrying glasses was never positive. as I would lose them or sit on them and end up with a loose-fitting, tape-repaired set of specs that left me open to light-hearted fun from family members.

So, when I ran into Marchon at CES 2011, I was excited that they might have a product that would be useful for those of us who are careless with our glasses, but might want to watch an occasional 3D program. Their new line of passive 3D sunglasses are RealD certified for 3D viewing.  At the same time, the lenses change opacity automatically will change to sunglass in less than 30 seconds.  Marchon manufactures sunglasses for a number of major brands, such as Nike, Nautica and Calvin Klein.

This could be a great gift for that tech person who loves their entertainment and wants to look cool.