Welcome Back to the Family Phone #CES2016

A family phone for the 21st century is the promise of the Ily phone introduced at CES 2016. Utilizing WebRTC, Ily bridges the world of the traditional landline phone with tablet and smart phones. As Insensi founder and CEO, Ilan Abeheassera, explains in the above video, his aim is to make it easy for different generations to communicate, regardless of platform or mode, such as voice, video or even sketches.

At $149, Ily is price-competitive with tablets, while providing simplicity of an application-specific device to simply make voice or video calls. Abeheassera expresses interest in working with service providers as a distribution outlet for this device, when it is available in Q2 of 2016. This device could be a very interesting value-add for rural service providers with customers who want to stay in touch with their grandchildren through two-way video without the complexity of a tablet.

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