The Contractor’s Role in the Smart Home

The remodel market is huge with one estimate suggesting that the total annual revenue from professional-led (i.e. contractor, not Do It Yourself) remodels amounts to $176B. The contractor has a huge influence on the details of a home remodel and the product choices the homeowner makes. As consumers become more aware of the technologies that make the home smart, often, it will be the contractor who is the one they look to for direction.

In the above interview, filmed at the 2015 Parks Associates 2015 CONNECTIONS™ ConferenceAmanda Parrilli, Director of Strategic Business Development, discusses the role of the contractor in educating consumers about the advantages of connected devices. She points out that Home Depot has programs to educate contractors. Still, the contractors are busy and technology choices are constantly changing, so it is a challenge to keep the contractors current on the various options.

Parrilli describes the situation as one that is sometimes driven by the consumer and that there is a bit of a snowball effect once the consumer uses and gets comfortable with a single smart home product. She also emphasizes the importance of partnerships between various players. This seems like a great opportunity for Communications Service Providers to help the contractors and their customers by being that trusted technology partner that keeps both abreast of the rapid changes in this developing market.


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