Connected Home at the Core of Telecom Success

“The connected home is no longer sort of a peripheral interest. It is core to the success and future of telecommunications services in our country and the world as well,” said Stuart Sikes, president of Parks Associates. Sikes was referring to how the co-location of the Parks Associates’ Connections Conference with TIA 2012 symbolizes the importance of the connected home to telecommunications’ providers. He suggests this is in line with the long-term view Parks Associates has espoused that service providers are the gating factor in connected home rollout.  Further, he suggests that the marketing power of the telecom companies will be a significant driver for widespread connected home adoption.

He points out that the what used to be a “do it yourself” market is quickly changing into mainstream, as providers of all sizes offer connected home services, such security, energy management and tele-health offerings. Still, the path for telecom providers is not without roadblocks, as there is much uncertainty regarding what consumers, particularly the younger generation, are willing to pay for, particularly in a world where there are so many over-the-top alternatives.

[ViodiTV coverage of Connections 2012 brought to you by Parks Associates]

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