Rethink Your Business or Get Left Behind

The difference between the “connected” and “smart” home is self-learning, according to Farooq Muzaffar, VP, Corporate Strategy & Development for Verizon. The smart home learns and adapts to the behavior of the individuals (e.g. TV shuts off when no one is their to view it). Practically speaking, the smart home is also connected to the Internet, as much of the intelligence for the self-learning will take place in the cloud.

In the above interview, filmed at Parks Associates’ CONNECTIONS™ Conference, Muzaffar describes their mobile-first strategy for connecting people, wherever they may be, with the intelligence that will control their living environment.

At a global level, Muzaffar suggests that technology is now table stakes for all businesses, regardless of whether they are a “technology” business. He recommends that businesses rethink their existing processes (how cloud and mobility could improve them) or risk being left in the dust by nimble new competitors.

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