The Bills Will Go Up

“Compliance issues, paperwork and much higher legal budgets for us,” are some of the repercussions that Susan Daniel, president of Horizon Cable, sees with the imposition of Net Neutrality rules. In the above interview, Daniel explains that the new regulations will burden her family owned, 5 person company with higher costs of doing business.

Daniel suggests that consumers will ultimately pay more for broadband, as some of the costs of compliance will be reflected on their bills.  As she points out, some of the costs will be hidden in the form of projects deferred and capital not spent, which would have the negative and unintended consequence of slowing the rollout rural broadband.

She emphasizes that, “There is no reason to have this one-size [rules] fits all for small and medium-sized independents.”Daniel echos other operators when she says that small ISPs benefit by allowing the free-flow of traffic on their network and that rules aren’t necessary, particularly since there is no evidence that small operators have tried to block or prioritize traffic.

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