Star Valley – Data Center Ready

Thayne, Wyoming has multiple assets that put it in a competitive position as a home to data centers, including the right kind of climate, low-cost electricity and now, thanks to Silver Star Communications, availability of a gigabit network that connects to multiple major peering points in places like Silicon Valley, Dallas and Seattle. In the above interview, filmed at Silver Star Communications’ gigabit launch event, current mayor and Lincoln County Commissioner-elect Bob King talks about his community’s assets and the excitement around bringing a data center to his town of 364 people.

The town’s efforts have included submitting a grant to Wyoming Business Council, as reported by the Star Valley Independent, to build the necessary infrastructure to accommodate a data center. Their goal is to lure a data center tenant with a 40,000 square foot structure that would include both data center and office space.

Beyond the potential for bringing in new high-tech industry, King points to the importance of the gigabit network for helping their local educators use 21st century tools for educating area citizens.

This video made possible by Calix, Inc.

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