Unique Municipal Relationship Brings Business Gig to Idaho

Gigabit network announcements are fast becoming non-announcements in that they are occurring so regularly and gigabit will soon (2015?) become a must-have for most North American service providers. What makes Silver Star Communications’ recent announcement about expansion of Gigabit service into Idaho Falls unique is how they brought service to this Eastern Idaho Berg of 56,000+. Silver Star is using the fiber network of Idaho Falls Power, Idaho Falls municipally owned power provider, to extend its Gigabiz service offering to Idaho Falls’ businesses.

As Ron McCue explains in the above video, this partnering approach allows Idaho Falls Power to garner additional revenue from their existing assets without having to create a business around data and telecom services. It is a win for Silver Star, as they are able to extend their network much faster by not having to construct a metro fiber network in this town that is outside their traditional service area. In the above interview, McCue also talks about their relationship with Syringa Networks, an entity owned by Silver Star and 11 other independent operators, which helps connect Idaho to major Internet meet-up points, allowing end-customers to fully realize the potential of gigabit last-mile access.

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