The World’s Biggest Art Museum – In Your Hand

“We want to bring beautiful images into millions of homes, everywhere in the world,” said Sheldon Laube CEO of Artkick. Artkick is a two-screen app that streams images to the TV (smart TV, Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV) with the smart phone or tablet as both the remote control and meta-data viewing device. The smart phone or tablet acts as a sort of docent in one’s hand, as Artkick includes information about each image; information that provides the “rest of the story” to the art layman.

The images include more than traditional art and consist of content from museums from around the world, the Library of Congress, NASA and personal collections via photo sharing sites, such as SmugMug, Facebook and Instragram. Although currently in HD resolution, it is not a stretch to see Artkick being a source of compelling 4K content at some point. Using cloud services, Artkick has gone from concept to offering in a little more than a year. This new way of doing business allows it to keep a low overhead, while  offer a freemium model that is a low-cost of entry for consumers. This still nascent service is open to working with service providers and could be a new source of content to help a broadband operator differentiate their offering.

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