Dare to Fail

A phrase like, “Dare to Fail,” isn’t typically expected to fall from the mouth of a government worker. Tom Wheeler, cited that phrase – which also happens to be a chapter title from his book – Take Command!: Leadership Lessons from the Civil War as one that would describe his approach as FCC Chairman. Given his background as an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, wireless and cable trade association leader and historian/author, Wheeler brings a broad and deep perspective to his relatively new role as the chief U.S. telecommunications regulator.

In his one-on-one interview with ACA’s Matt Polka, Wheeler exuded a sense of urgency to move the FCC along so that it catches up both from a regulatory and process standpoint with rapidly evolving technology and business models, while maintaining the Network Compact with consumers. Wheeler was a busy guy yesterday, as, in addition to appearing at the ACA, he authored a blog post that outlines the theme of the upcoming April 23rd, open commission meeting, which will include new ways of looking at spectrum and Connect America Funding.

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