Compliance Before the Rules

Putting the cart before the horse is how one panelist at The 2011 Independent Show characterized the FCC’s compliance requirements to EAS CAP (Emergency Alert System, Common Alerting Protocol) rules that have yet to be finalized. As Matt Polka, president of the ACA (American Cable Association) points out in this exclusive video interview filmed at the ACA’s exhibit hall booth, the date for compliance is a little more than two months away.

His organization has asked the FCC to clarify EAS rules and postpone CAP mandates until the FCC provides clear guidance to his operator members. He explains in this interview, the rules will have a financial impact on his members.  Polka provides an example of one of his members – one that is also a rural broadband provider – has said they will shut down their operation, based on what they believe their costs will be to implement the new rules.

Stay tuned to Viodi.TV for an another interview that was also filmed at The Independent Show, where a technical expert will provide additional insight on EAS CAP.

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