A New Definition of Smart Water

Given the historic drought in California, finding ways to reduce water use is critical for homeowners and businesses alike. Products like the ones that Kevin Meagher, VP & GM Smart Home of Lowes, discusses a way to automatically detect water leaks and, if the leaks are really a flood, automatically shut off the water to the house. And, even better for earthquake prone Californian, Lowes has solution for detecting gas leaks and turning off gas to the home.

Like the other smart devices in its iris portfolio, these are “Do It Yourself” installations. Meagher discusses the interest Lowes has seen from both insurance companies and water companies  in the deployment of these devices. These products point to even more capabilities for the average consumer in the near-future, such as intelligent sprinklers that understand when and how much water to provide to the garden; a good feature to have in Silicon Valley, where less than 4 inches of rain fell in 2013.