Smart Devices – Smart Network – Social Benefit

Luis Sosa, CEO of DDM Brands points out that a SocialMesh network approach to wireless will bring benefits to society. He brings an interesting perspective to this topic, as his company has been serving markets with less than ideal wireless infrastructures. As a manufacturer and designer that focuses on these markets, they have introduced innovations that fit the needs of the consumers in smaller markets.

For instance, their new brand Yezz, features smartphones with multi-SIM card capability; serving the needs for consumers with pre-paid accounts. In the above interview, he discusses how their branding is extremely granular and that they can private label their phones to very small providers. Similarly, they pre-load apps to simplify and jump-start the smart phone experience for their customers. In the above video, he alludes to the idea of SocialMesh networking being integrated into the phone and the benefits that would provide.


The SocialMesh concept  is highlighted in these two videos and associated write-ups: