Focus on Doing What Is Right

“Focus on doing what’s right,” says Colleen Abdoulah, CEO & chairwoman of Wide Open West (WOW!) and Chairwoman of the ACA. Putting the consumer first is Abdoulah’s message in the above video interview. She indicates that all parties, whether from industry or the legislative world need this focus to get past the issues that are ultimately harming the consumer.

She points out that it is way past time for laws and the resulting regulations to catch up with technology and service adoption, as the Cable Act is 21 years old. The 91 blackouts last year (as well as the current CBS/Time-Warner retransmission battle) are strong evidence that consumers aren’t getting what Congress intended.

Further evidence of distortions in the market, come from WOW!’s survey, whereby approximately 70% of their customers do not want to pay extra for sports. At the same time, Abdoulah explains that it is not possible for WOW! to move the 30% who are willing to pay for sports into a special tier [author’s note, effectively, the 70% end up subsidizing the 30%].

Abdoulah’s advice about putting the consumer first is a good first step to breaking the current pay television morass.

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