MVPD-Driven BroadbandTV

A year can make a big difference in the world of technology rollouts; at least between 2012 and 2013. Paul Woidke of NAGRA/OpenTV points out how many of the developments around broadband TV are now being driven by the MVPDs, as compared to earlier when Over-The-Top providers were pushing the envelope.

Woidke points out that the cable operators are integrating broadband TV as part of their overall product offering that they can sell to advertisers. He also discusses how dynamic advertising is becoming a reality (see recent Wall Street Journal article for a good summary on this topic) on both on-demand and the opportunities for advertising that lives across multiple screens. Given the roll out of other technologies, such as the transition to IP and city-wide WiFi networks, addressable advertising and even personal and location-based advertising is getting closer to reality.

From a business model perspective, things are still evolving. Woidke uses the example of WATCH ABC, which is an MVPD-authenticated, live streaming version of  its broadcast network programming, as an example of this evolution. Woidke points out that the business models will have to evolve to support the creation of content that people want to watch.

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