More Confusion or More Simplicity?

More confusion or more simplicity, that is the question asked by Paul Woidke of Nagra OpenTV in the above interview.  He was referring to the idea that what started as touch-screen simplicity could end up with customer confusion as the number of apps on a particular device multiplies. Similarly, he discusses the opportunities and challenges for advertisers as they deal with the fragmentation of viewership across devices and location.

The challenge being that advertisers must deliver the right message to the right person, regardless of time, locationor device. To some extent, this will also be the challenge for an operator as they need to provide the platform (see this interview/post for a related article) that makes it easy for advertisers to deliver their messages in an effective way.

He points to the roll-out of dynamic on-demand advertising, where the ad placement is based on the time-of-day, as an indication that operators and advertisers will be able to adjust to this multiscreen, multi-location world. The opportunity for the operator is that they will be able to derive new advertising dollars from other media, such as print, traditional web and outdoor advertising.

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