The Fiber Chair

Kyle Hollifield, Chairman of the FTTH Council talks about the direction of the FTTH Council and the progress its members are making in bringing fiber to the home.  He speaks from his experience as Vice President of Marketing for the BVU Authority (formerly Bristol, Virginia Utilities).  BVU Authority was a pioneer as a Municipal provider of a fiber to the home network.  With penetration as high as 70% for some products, he indicates 1,500 local jobs have been created as a result of the fiber build-out.

He suggests the reason FTTH will expand is because of the need.  Worldwide, the FTTH Council is seeing growth.  He talks about the importance of fiber to support growing wireless deployments and that these two technologies are complementary.  He also points out that with the rate of change it is impossible to predict the next popular application, so a solid network is imperative.