Stimulating and Driving the Broadband Bus

Skin in the game differentiated Farmers Mutual Telephone Company from other providers and was a key to their partnership with their local county, so says Kevin Beyer, General Manager of Farmers Mutual Telephone.  For years, Farmers Mutual Telephone Company served residences in one-half of rural Lac qui Parle County .  He explains the process for how they applied for and won stimulus funding in partnership with the county and Minnesota’s Blandin Foundation to bring broadband to the other half of the county.

In this video, he explains some of the challenges Farmers Mutual Telephone Company faces as they bring this project from idea to light.

Farmer Mutual Telephone is a pioneer in bringing Fiber to the Home, as it was one of the first operators to provide FTTH to all of its residences, as shown in this video:

Beyond the network, they have been working the Blandin Foundation for a while to drive the adoption of broadband as seen in this video clip: 

As they expand to this new service, they are continuing to work with the Blandin Foundation to drive demand for broadband, such as their “Computer Commuter” initiative.  As Kevin describes, this bus is similar to a book mobile, providing education to those.  Off-camera, he mentioned that the bus pulls up to a location, plugs-in a fiber from an Optical Network Terminal and the bus is transformed into a mobile classroom within minutes.