Ideas for Rural Broadband Operator/Municipal Partnerships

John Schultz provides ideas for how broadband operators can partner with municipal and other government entities to bring broadband to rural areas.  He points out that, although 92% of Minnesota residences have broadband access based on FCC standards, only 53% have broadband, based on the state of Minnesota’s more stringent standards.  He suggests there is an opportunity for local operators in those communities where incumbents are neglecting the broadband needs of their customers.

He discusses the importance of finding a local champion or champions within a community in creating a successful partnership.  Schultz and U-reka Broadband have been successful in serving as the bridge between the operator and government entities to bring broadband where it otherwise wouldn’t be.  Schultz alludes to one of those projects both in this interview, as well as during his 2012 MTA presentation, where he provides an overview of the Farmers Mutual Telephone partnership with their county.