An Updated Perspective on Public-Private Broadband Partnerships

Public-private broadband partnerships can be a win-win for under and unserved communities and for incumbent providers wishing to extend their service beyond their existing footprint. This is one of the conclusions from the above interview with Dave Fridley of FARR Technologies.

This conversation builds on his recent presentation at the MTA’s 2022 Convention and Conference, where he spoke about the opportunities for incumbents to partner with municipal entities. Fridley has seen a shift in attitude over the last 5-years, whereby incumbent operators are much more willing to work with cities, counties, and other government agencies.

Successful partnerships require a level of trust. In his description of what it takes, it seems like his role is as a consultant in helping design the business case is akin to that of a marriage counselor getting two parties with different views on the same page.

Interview Highlights

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