Connections 2010 – Playlist

The video player above includes a full list of the ViodiTV interviews at Parks Associates Connections 2010.

  1. Kurt Scherf, Parks Associates, with Closing Summary
  2. Loren Shade, Allegro
  3. David Holland, DivX
  4. Peter Smyth, Redmere
  5. Jeff Vinson with Connections Take-Aways
  6. Cathy Bradley, Accenture, Service as a Brand
  7. Wilfred Martis – Broadband for Smart TV – CDN, Adaptive Bit Rate and 10 Mb/s
  8. LEVEL at Connections
  9. Mitch Singer, Sony Pictures
  10. Rick Schwartz, Packet Video on Twonky Server
  11. Sean Besser, Rovi
  12. Ronald Jacoby, Yahoo!
  13. Gary Lauder at Connections 2010
  14. Scott Birnbaum, Samsung
  15. Anthony Rodio,
  16. Joseph Ambeault of Verizon on a New Development Culture
  17. William Brown, D-Link at Intamac
  18. Wilfred Martis, Inside the Smart TV
  19. Andy Melder, Invisible Network Management
  20. Ken Wirt, Cisco
  21. Ian Walsh, ProVision
  22. Rochelle Thompso, ActiveVideo
  23. Steve Linke Verizon Wireless
  24. Rob Gelphman – Even Higher Data Speeds