Monetizing Web Video with Social Networks

The key takes from a CableFAX webinar on monetizing web video, social networks, and other on-line activities for me was that success come from various places, they were likely based on a plan, and the plan included a means to insure success.

Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried of EQAL, the producers of Lonely Girl 15, are great examples of how video producers come from unexpected walks of life. They had a vision, a plan, and ability to carry television formulas over to the web… with a twist. Curtis Hougland of Attention PR elaborated on the use of social networks to promote, resolve, and insure success, while Miguel Monteverde of Discovery Communications discussed the need for building content resources, getting them found, and generating ad revenue. This video only touches on points from a 90 minute webinar that were keys to each of their successes with monetizing.