Unique Economic Developments

Economic development requires leadership. Spring Grove Communications provide an excellent example of leadership, as they worked with their community to build a new library, 24 hour fitness center and digital cinema/public meeting place that can be used for much more than movies. ViodiTV caught up with Craig Otterness, the General Manager of Spring Grove Communications, at the Minnesota Telecom Alliance’s 100th Annual Convention and he provided the scoop on their unique contributions to their community that resulted in the MTA awarding them with its 2009 Economic Development Award.

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  1. Gene Chohon Avatar


    It’s great to see Spring Grove receive recognition for all your community activities. You and your company are great examples of the positive impact Independent Telephone Companies have on their community.


    Gene Chohon
    Vice President of Sales & Market Development

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  3. Ken Pyle Avatar

    And this post points out the leadership of Craig Otterness in moving Spring Grove Communications and its service territory, forward. The only thing that is unbelievable is that Craig has been there for 40 years. He must have been in Kindergarten when he started at Spring Grove!

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