ViodiTV @ MTA – Give Us Your Feedback

Help us program ViodiTV @ MTA over the next couple of days.  Post comments and give us feedback below.  After the show, please continue to watch as we add videos online.  Here are some picture highlights from the show shot with my G1 phone. 

Some things we learned and relearned from doing this show (not in any particular order):

  1. Pine Island Telephone and Spring Grove Communications are two different entities.  In one of my introductions, I incorrectly identified the owner of the pole setting truck to be "Pine Grove Telephone."
  2. White screens will cause interference in the audio subcarrier, if the depth of modulation is not properly adjusted.  The staff with the hotel were very responsive and fixed the problem soon after we reported (thanks).
  3. We need to make sure we include promotional literature at the registration desk, within the packets and in the opening sessions to let people know ViodiTV is on the hotel channels. 
  4. Need to add a ViodiTV microphone flag.