Managing Change – Staying Relevant

Radio took 38 years to reach 50 million listener penetration, while the application Angry Birds took 13 days to reach the same number of players. Alan Plott, Sr. Vice President of Operations for NetAmerica Alliance, made this point, in the above interview, to illustrate how change, thanks to technology, has accelerated over the decades. Plott summarizes his 2015 Wireless Symposium keynote speech, which focused on how organizations need to manage change, if they are to stay relevant.

He points out that rural carriers have and will continue to experience a state of flux and change in the wireless arena. He references a recent survey by NTCA, where the number one concern among carriers was the ability to compete with national organizations. He suggests that the best way for operators to compete with these deep-pocketed competitors and stay ahead of the changes wrought by technology advancements is to focus on those elements where they shine, such as their local presence, and work with third-parties, such as NetAmerica Alliance, to garner economies of scale and expertise not possible for the smaller entity.

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