Whoa, Whoa, It’s Magic to Me

The line between thoughts and reality becomes quite blurry with the passage of time.  I can recall the moment some six years ago, late at night, while working on the Viodi View in a hotel lobby, when I heard an old song and thought how useful it would be to have the meta-data associated with that song.  I thought I had woven this anecdote and the message of the increasing importance of meta-data for everyday media and everyday people into that issue, but, lo and behold, it must have been a thought that never was translated into my words until now.

I had to think of this story when I caught up with David Jones of Shazam at the Media Innovations Summit.  Their app complements those of us who can’t quite, “name that tune.”  There are tens of companies with some sort of audio and/or video recognition technology, but, from a consumer perspective, Shazam is one of the most recognizable as they were early to the smart phone app market.

In this interview, Jones explains how Shazam monetizes their app through iTunes sales (over $100M in annual sales of music by the 8% of people who tag a song then purchase that song) and how they are receiving an increasing share of revenue from 2nd video screen advertising.  Jones suggests their app is a more popular way to interact with television than the ever popular Twitter and Facebook.

Now, if they just had an app for conversations, so I could remember what people say, I would be set.