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Fiber: Enabling A Distributed Health Care Model

“Why is it incumbent on families and patients to travel all the way to see us when we can have a more distributed health care model,” asks Yaa Aboagyewa Kumah-Crystal, MD, MPH, MS? This Assistant Professor Department of Biomedical Informatics and Assistant Professor Department of Pediatric Endocrinology at Vanderbilt summarizes the inspiring closing keynote she […]

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Local Makes the Difference

“Regardless of your corporate structure, whether you are cooperative, you’re a family held your locally held, the fact that you are local is really what makes the difference,” says Shirley Bloomfield, NTCA CEO. Speaking at Fiber Connect 2021, it is encouraging to Bloomfield that the White House is talking about the importance of local entities […]

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Hygiene Today & Automatic Health Monitoring Tomorrow #CES2021

Could the future of health monitoring start in one’s bathroom? The answer is yes if Toto’s plans for its toilets evolve as described by Toto USA’s Bill Strang. It is an evolutionary path that starts with today’s touchless toilet experience. Strang, President of Corporate Strategy, E-Commerce, and Customer Experience, discusses Toto’s latest toilet seat offerings, […]

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The Remote Audiologist #CES2020

A hearing aid that is practically invisible fits, snugly in the ear canal, and lasts 16-hours on a charge is an attractive option for those facing hearing loss. Couple that with an overall cost that is 50% less than traditional hearing aids and Eargo’s Neo HiFi solution could help the tens of millions of people […]

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Tele-Physical Therapist #CES2020

Consistent rehabilitation after a stroke or surgery is critical to a patient’s recovery. This isn’t so easy if a physical therapist isn’t nearby, such as often the case in a rural setting. H-Robotics hopes to change that with a robotic attachment, rebless, that exercises arms, ankles, and legs, allowing the patient to receive therapy at […]

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Lessons from Italian Schools on How to Go Online in a Time of Shutdown

[Note: the above interview was captured using the 8× service and then broadcast live via a YouTube live stream.] COVID-19 is driving at least a temporary shift to online learning, as evidenced by the many college campuses across America that are closing their physical classes and moving to virtual ones instead. It’s not clear that […]

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Telehealth Apps & Devices Abound at #CES2020

Products that improve health and well-being seem to be an ever-increasing part of CES and CES2020 was no exception. Here is an overview of some of the solutions we saw at this enormous tradeshow that promise to improve the quality of life for people of all abilities. Diagnosing concussions, internal bleeding and other brain injuries […]

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Robocalls to the Human Highlight Film

A Brief Conversation with FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai No one can seemingly escape those annoying robocalls, not even the Chair of the FCC, Ajit Pai. In the above interview, Pai indicates that robocalls are his agency’s top consumer protection priority as indicated by the record fines levied against violators (e.g. this $120M fine). He also […]

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More Efficient Healthcare in the Midwest

For decades, telemedicine has been a hoped for solution to help make healthcare delivery more efficient and cost-effective. In the above interview, Innovative Systems’ CEO, Roger Musick, talks about his experience as a board member of a local hospital that embarked on what became a statewide and, eventually, a multi-state tele-health effort several years ago and has resulted in […]

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Applications Driving the Need for Rural Broadband

“If it’s a covered service, then the insurance company should pay for it, whether it is electronically delivered or a face-to-face delivery,” said attorney Michael Keeling. Keeling was referring to recently passed Arizona legislation (Arizona Senate Bill 1353) that puts telemedicine on a level playing field with health care delivered in person. He points out that […]

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