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Local Makes the Difference

“Regardless of your corporate structure, whether you are cooperative, you’re a family held your locally held, the fact that you are local is really what makes the difference,” says Shirley Bloomfield, NTCA CEO. Speaking at Fiber Connect 2021, it is encouraging to Bloomfield that the White House is talking about the importance of local entities […]

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Prospects of Long-Term Virtual Governance & More – A ViodiTV Real-Time Conversation

COVID-19 will change everything, including how society is governed. Shirley Bloomfield, NTCA CEO, saw a glimpse of how things might change with NTCA’s recent virtual legislative conference. Joining Shirley to discuss her impressions of how that event went, is communications and outreach expert, Tanya Sullivan, president and CEO of Plus One Strategic Communications. The upshot […]

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Wireless Needs Fiber, Not Pixie Dust

“It’s very difficult for policy makers to keep up with what the industry is actually doing,” said Shirley Bloomfield, CEO of NTCA. The implication is that it is unclear how rules will change due to slow reaction of policy makers to fast-moving innovation. As a result, operators face uncertainty, which, to some extent, holds back […]

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Comments on a Conversation with an FCC Commissioner

FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn made a virtual appearance at the 2013 MTA Annual Convention. In this interview, NTCA president and CEO Shirley Bloomfield recaps the conversation that she and MTA president/CEO, Brent Christensen, had with Commissioner Clyburn. Regulatory uncertainty caused by the FCC order, naked DSL, call completion, the importance of fiber to making wireless work, small […]


Build Broadband in Rural America

In her keynote speech at TelcoTV, Shirley Bloomfield explained how rural broadband operators must shift their message to building broadband and not just saving broadband in rural areas. In the above interview, Bloomfield, president and CEO of NTCA, points out that the networks are, “living and breathing,” and require continual upgrades to stay current with […]

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A New Game Plan Is Needed

NTCA’s CEO, Shirley Bloomfield talks about changes to USF, Intercarrier Compensation and how rural operators need to try a different game plan to have their and their customer’s voices heard in Washington D.C.  She suggests that the uncertainty needs to be resolved, as it is delaying operators’ plans for rolling out broadband. And this uncertainty […]

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Trends, Pathways, Challenges to Success

An overview of the challenges and successes at WSTA's 2011 Annual Convention. Bill Esbeck introduces Governor Scott Walker as he's about to sign the new telecom bill.  Governor Walker stresses job creation and efficiency are an outcome they hope for as a result of this bill. Representative Honadel says that, "Government has caught up with […]

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