Prospects of Long-Term Virtual Governance & More – A ViodiTV Real-Time Conversation

COVID-19 will change everything, including how society is governed. Shirley Bloomfield, NTCA CEO, saw a glimpse of how things might change with NTCA’s recent virtual legislative conference. Joining Shirley to discuss her impressions of how that event went, is communications and outreach expert, Tanya Sullivan, president and CEO of Plus One Strategic Communications.

The upshot is that, although technology is serving as a bridge across the physical separation, it has its limitations. With these limitations come opportunities to create a secure, accessible platform that allows Congress to work and vote remotely.

The shutdown is giving Congress a taste of a future, where they might be able to spend more time with the people they represent and less time in Washington. Bloomfield and Sullivan agree that nothing beats face-to-face interactions and the serendipitous results from being with their members or customers, respectively.

We also discuss the various form of digital divides that separate us, whether its access to broadband, affordability, devices, and platforms. A divide we didn’t explicitly speak is the one caused by technology gremlins. These gremlins cause endless frustration and sometimes get in the way of communication (see Quit Battering My Self Esteem). In the above video, there was a technology gremlin that made it sound like this author had just inhaled helium.

A big thank you to Shirley and Tanya for spending their late Friday afternoon with ViodiTV.

Highlights from the conversation:

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