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The 5G Power Challenge

Is power an Achille’s heel of 5G? PowerRox’s Brian Zahnstecher, the co-chair of the IEEE, International Network Generations Roadmap (INGR) Energy Efficiency Working Group, provides an update to an earlier ViodiTV interview regarding the work of the IEEE 5G Energy Efficiency Working Group. Joining him is Marty Snyder of CICUSA, a system integrator that has […]

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A Holistic Power View of 5G

Could the billions and billions of devices IoT promised by the rollout of 5G have an unintended impact of destabilizing or even taking down the grid? That was a question that bothered Brian Zahnstecher last year. Zahnstecher, Principal at PowerRox is well-positioned to answer this question, as he and his firm consult on power electronics […]

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More Efficient AV Brains & More #CES2019

A hardware solution that allows Artificial Intelligence algorithms to run more efficiently is what Thinci promises with its Graph Stream Processing (GSP) computing architecture. Shawn Holiday, Thinci’s Senior Director of Product Marketing, explains that Thinci’s founders, who are veteran GPU designers, devised a new approach to graphics processing; one that reduces the need for memory […]

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