The 5G Power Challenge

Is power an Achille’s heel of 5G? PowerRox’s Brian Zahnstecher, the co-chair of the IEEE, International Network Generations Roadmap (INGR) Energy Efficiency Working Group, provides an update to an earlier ViodiTV interview regarding the work of the IEEE 5G Energy Efficiency Working Group. Joining him is Marty Snyder of CICUSA, a system integrator that has built over 30,000 wireless towers since 1999 and is currently working with major carriers to roll out 5G cell sites.

These experts discuss the challenge of power from the device to the cell site to the core network. These experts talk about how energy harvesting and distributed energy storage will help with the resiliency and efficiency of the power grid.

Note, the audio improves after 4 minutes into the video

Conversation Highlights

Figure 1 The Future Networks Ecosystem courtesy of IoTissimo from the IEEE Internation Network Generations Roadmap

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  1. Balkrishna Gole Avatar
    Balkrishna Gole

    The solution is excellent but Super capacitors are very costly. The cost needs to be brought down and nearing to Lithium battery. The solution can be optimised for reduced life and further improved technology. Metals used may be replaced with plastics and or ceramics.
    Size also needs to be optimised.

    1. Ken Pyle Avatar
      Ken Pyle

      Yes, Marty has found some niche off-grid applications where the cost/size works compared to traditional batteries. It is amazing how much progress has been made in 30+ years since a physicist friend did a back of the envelope calculation that indicated that, even if you could get enough charge to propel an electric car, the weight of the capacitors (they weren’t super then) would be too much to overcome.

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