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Hygiene Today & Automatic Health Monitoring Tomorrow #CES2021

Could the future of health monitoring start in one’s bathroom? The answer is yes if Toto’s plans for its toilets evolve as described by Toto USA’s Bill Strang. It is an evolutionary path that starts with today’s touchless toilet experience. Strang, President of Corporate Strategy, E-Commerce, and Customer Experience, discusses Toto’s latest toilet seat offerings, […]

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The Blockchain Home Surveillance Camera #CES2020

At CES2020, IoTex built on its CES2019 debut with a home surveillance camera produced in partnership with Tenvis. IoTex’s open-source blockchain technology secures the privacy of the end-user so that Tenvis or IoTex can’t see their customers’ personal information and video streams. The camera specifications are especially impressive for a $49 device. According to this […]

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A Holistic Power View of 5G

Could the billions and billions of devices IoT promised by the rollout of 5G have an unintended impact of destabilizing or even taking down the grid? That was a question that bothered Brian Zahnstecher last year. Zahnstecher, Principal at PowerRox is well-positioned to answer this question, as he and his firm consult on power electronics […]

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Why Charge When Wireless Will Work? #CES2020

Using infrared optics that are invisible to the human eye, Wi-Charge demonstrated wireless power transfer of up to 2.25 Watts from a central hub to remote devices across a room. Using beam steering, they are able to dynamically direct the power and optimize efficiency, as evidenced by the moving train in their CES Unveiled booth. […]

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Fiber, 5G and Beyond

“They are actually going to be providing the access technology that enables a lot of this 5G network,” explains Teresa McGaughey, Sr. Director, Product Marketing for Calix. Speaking at the 2019 NTCA Business and Technology conference, McGaughey provides an overview of her talk on what she terms the alphabet soup of acronyms that encompass emerging […]

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Giving IoT a New Meaning – The Connected Restroom #CES2019

Bill Strang of Toto and Chris Johnson of Georgia Pacific discuss how the combination of internet-connected toilets and sink fixtures among other devices, combined with easy to use analytics and real-time notifications, can improve the customer experience in commercial restrooms. In addition to the benefits of a cleaner environment, real-time data helps improve operational efficiency […]

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The Self-Contained IoT Weather Station for Precision Agriculture #CES2018

Understanding and reacting to the weather can be the difference between a profit and loss for a farm or orchard. Arable displayed their solar-powered, self-contained weather station, the Arable Mark, at CES2018, which provides a farmer with an understanding of multiple parameters on their farm and not what is happening at someone else’s weather station. […]


The Pocket Digestive Analyzer #CES2018

Understanding the impact of diet on health is challenging as it is difficult to easily and regularly quantify the interaction of foods within the digestive system. FoodMarble hopes to change that with its innovative device that detects and analyzes the composition of one’s breath to help individuals and their doctors understand and diagnose issues people […]

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OTT Morphing & Providing More Choice – #TIS18 Highlights – Part 1

Over-the-Top video is morphing into an offering that NCTC members are making available through their platforms, providing consumers more choice and convenience, according to Rich Fickle, NCTC president and CEO. In the above video Fickle offers up highlights from the 2018 Independent Show, TIS18. Echoing many of the TIS18 speakers, he suggests that operators need […]

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An IoT Poster Board Replacement #CES2017

The traditional hand-written chalkboard and poster board days could be numbered, at least in some applications, thanks to Bluboard’s cloud-connected display solution.  Bluboard’s battery-powered e-paper sign has the distinction of being one of, if not, the first LoRa device that allows bi-directional transmission of data (text, images) over unlicensed frequencies up to 15 miles away. Its […]

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