Detect with Pee Tech – #CES2022

“We designed this for a 74-year-old woman,” states Olive Diagnostics co-founder and CEO, Guy Goldman. Speaking at CES2022, Goldman is describing a smart toilet that promises to detect health issues before they become a problem.

Early detection of urinary tract infections (UTI) is the initial target of this passive approach of monitoring one’s health. Other health issues that Olive Diagnostics plans on monitoring include kidney stones, bladder infections, heart failure, dehydration, and constipation.

The underlying hardware, which is based on low-cost components used in mass market products, attaches to an existing toilet is effectively a tuned mass spectrometer that examines urine as it falls to the toilet bowl.

It communicates results either via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to their cloud software. Their software is the real magic as it pulls the signal from the noise and identifies anomalies in real-time. Of course, there is an associated app that allows one or one’s healthcare provider to track the composition of one’s urine over time.

In the above interview, Olive Diagnostics Founder and CEO, Guy Goldman, explains the motivation for this invention, explains how they are following privacy requirements, and paints a picture of how it will move from research lab to the average restroom.

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