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Hygiene Today & Automatic Health Monitoring Tomorrow #CES2021

Could the future of health monitoring start in one’s bathroom? The answer is yes if Toto’s plans for its toilets evolve as described by Toto USA’s Bill Strang. It is an evolutionary path that starts with today’s touchless toilet experience. Strang, President of Corporate Strategy, E-Commerce, and Customer Experience, discusses Toto’s latest toilet seat offerings, […]

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The Blockchain Home Surveillance Camera #CES2020

At CES2020, IoTex built on its CES2019 debut with a home surveillance camera produced in partnership with Tenvis. IoTex’s open-source blockchain technology secures the privacy of the end-user so that Tenvis or IoTex can’t see their customers’ personal information and video streams. The camera specifications are especially impressive for a $49 device. According to this […]

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Why Charge When Wireless Will Work? #CES2020

Using infrared optics that are invisible to the human eye, Wi-Charge demonstrated wireless power transfer of up to 2.25 Watts from a central hub to remote devices across a room. Using beam steering, they are able to dynamically direct the power and optimize efficiency, as evidenced by the moving train in their CES Unveiled booth. […]

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Giving IoT a New Meaning – The Connected Restroom #CES2019

Bill Strang of Toto and Chris Johnson of Georgia Pacific discuss how the combination of internet-connected toilets and sink fixtures among other devices, combined with easy to use analytics and real-time notifications, can improve the customer experience in commercial restrooms. In addition to the benefits of a cleaner environment, real-time data helps improve operational efficiency […]

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The IoT Hair Coach/Hair Brush #CES2017

At a superficial glance and from the perspective of someone who spends no more than five seconds on his appearance, the thought of an Internet-connected hairbrush seems unnecessary. In the above interview, filmed at its CES2017 debut, Vincent Nida, General Manager of Kérastase, makes a convincing case, which encompasses hair health as well as economics, […]

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Wireless to the Difficult to Reach Internet of Things

Serving the “Internet of Difficult Things to Reach” is how the Sigfox network could be described. Sigfox has an aim to cover the world with its IoT network and, according to Sigfox’s Kristi Mason, already covers 20% of the U.S. population. Of course, their target population isn’t people, but the things – particularly things associated with […]

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From Dumb to Smart IoT Gas Cooktop

It is unsettling to be 50 miles from home and realize that you may have left on the gas stove-top.  This isn’t an irrational fear, as, according to the National Fire Protection Association, ranges or cooktops accounted for 62% of the 161,000 home structure fires from cooking equipment in the 2010-2014 period. The founders of […]

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The IoT Water Leak Insurance Plan

“We are making insurance tangible,” says David Henry of Roost in the above interview. Henry was speaking to the approach that some insurance companies are taking of bundling Internet-connected devices that detect, alter and prevent accidents. With an average of 14,000 water damage incidents a day and billions paid in claims each year, this preventative strategy makes […]

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A New Way of Powering IoT Devices – Wood @IDTechEx

Harvesting forests may soon yield wood that allows harvesting of energy, thanks to researchers from the University of Wisconsin at Madison and with help from the USDA. Speaking at the 2016 ID-TechEX conference, Chunhua Yao, co-founder of EWPanel and Xudong Wong, Associate Professor at UW-Madison explain that an electrode is embedded into the wood fiber. The wood […]

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Mother Knows Best – IoT Adapting to One’s Lifestyle #CES2016

Smart tags that attach to and turn everyday items, such as pill bottles, water bottles, remote controls and even bedspreads, into smart devices. The mother hub connects to these tags and provides a way for caretakers to monitor and provide feedback to the elderly, detect whether intruders are in the house or even measure […]

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