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Analytics – Making the Smart Home More Efficient

Smart thermostats brought the first wave of intelligence to whole-home heating and cooling. Relatively low-cost control of vents to direct heat and cooling to specific rooms, such as shown in this development on display at International CES 2015, could be considered the next advance in temperature management efficiency. Combining these developments into analytics to determine […]

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Energy Storage – Enabling Everything from IoT to Advanced Mobility

Energy storage is a common challenge for a myriad of technologies ranging from wearables to electric cars to the so-called Internet of Things: there can never be enough and it can never be too inexpensive. In the above interview, Franco Gonzalez, Senior Technology Analyst for IDTechEx, explains that the track he led on energy storage […]

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The Solar Window Awning & Shade

Joseph Hui is on a world-changing mission; to help people live a comfortable and renewable lifestyle. This Arizona State University professor wants to help solve big problems, such as access to clean water, climate control, healthy food, information and transportation. Hui’s company, Monarch Power, is his vehicle for tackling these weighty challenges. At International CES […]

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Telecom ’96 and Blowout Author Speaks

The United States is still, “A country of opportunity,” said former Senator Byron Dorgan, in his speech to the Minnesota Telecom Association in Minneapolis, today. He suggested that, as a country, we need to find ways to work together. He compared the efforts to bring broadband to rural America with the wagon train of the […]

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Leveraging the Cloud for Smart Grid Efficiency

Managing the massive amount of data generated from the “Smart Grid” is a huge challenge for utilities, indicates Kyle McNamara of Verizon Energy and Utilities.  In this video interview, filmed at the 2011 Broadband Properties Summit, McNamara points out that a robust cloud infrastructure is a natural extension of the Smart Grid.  He cites the […]

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The Austin Electrical Grid – A Smart Enterprise

The so-called smart grid is more than just putting out smart meters in the network. Andres Carvallo talks about the challenges Austin Energy has faced as they evolved their electrical grid into an enterprise network that today controls over 500,000 devices. Carvallo explains how these devices collectively generate, on an annual basis, hundreds of terabytes […]

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