The Solar Window Awning & Shade

Joseph Hui is on a world-changing mission; to help people live a comfortable and renewable lifestyle. This Arizona State University professor wants to help solve big problems, such as access to clean water, climate control, healthy food, information, and transportation. Hui’s company, Monarch Power, is his vehicle for tackling these weighty challenges.

At International CES 2014, Monarch demonstrated some relatively low-cost solar power solutions; think less than $1 to $2 per Watt versus $5 per watt for a typical roof-mount system. Monarch takes a system approach to lowering the cost of technology to make it economically practical. As an example, in addition to providing shade, the Monarch window awning, shown in the above video, also generates solar electric power (280W) and heats water.

Their larger, 2-axis solar units, produce greater electrical output (approximately 1.1 KW peak) than the aforementioned awning and also double as umbrellas; there is even an option for a table (recommended for restaurants, bars, etc.) and integrated battery for electricity storage. Part of the trick for reducing costs is that these are self-contained systems;

Hui got the attention of CES attendees with the stylish Lotus Mobile solar array integrated into his Tesla electric car. If the cost and benefits meet Hui’s expectations, Monarch Power is sure to get the notice of consumers and businesses everywhere.

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