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Broadband Partners in Education & More

Addressing the “summer slide” for the digital disadvantaged is something that Etex has been pursuing with its local education and faith communities long before the shutdown. In the above ViodiTV Real-Time Conversation, Charlie Cano, Etex’s General Manager/CEO, talks about their efforts to use its broadband platform to help students all year long. The approach they […]

ViodiTV @ WEC

Webinars, Whitepapers & Meet-Ups – #WEC2020

Member education will be an increasingly important service for NCTC and leading that effort is Don Simon. WEC2020 was Don’s debut at an NCTC event and, in this brief overview, he outlines some of the approaches NCTC will be taking to educate members about new products and services. With his diverse and complementary background that […]

Economic Development ViodiTV @ ACA

From Broadband to Affordable Housing to Attract Teachers #Summit23

“There isn’t one cookie-cutter approach,” says Chris Kyle, Vice President, Industry Relations and Regulatory for Shentel. Kyle was referring to rural economic development and how each community has unique needs. In the above interview, Kyle talks about the important role that broadband providers and their local employees have in connecting with and providing ideas to various civic, […]

FTTX Stories from the Heartland Telework ViodiTV @ MTA

A Teacher Teaching Tech to Telecom

Telecom cooperative director, mother of young children, entrepreneur, technologist and educator are adjectives that could describe Carissa Swenson of TechTECS. It is this last adjective, educator, that is the common thread that binds her numerous activities. Prior to starting her own business, Swenson was a teacher with the state of North Dakota, which led to helping schools […]

John Hennessy

Has the U.S. Fallen Behind in the Design, Development and Manufacturing of Innovative Real Products? – Part 10

The U.S. has missed the boat in skilled/high-tech manufacturing, while Germany has taken manufacturing seriously. China: QA focused on quality engineering & manufacturing. THe U.S. must educate students better to regain global competitiveness. [Descriptions by Alan Weissberger, video by Ken Pyle]

Korner Stories from the Heartland Youth

Full STEAM Ahead to the Next Frontier

“Take advantage of the tools that you have, the access to the world that you have at your fingertips through the Internet and through all the things that our brought to our house everyday through technology that makes it effortless to learn and to do things and make a difference in the world,” said Levi […]

Stories from the Heartland

Local Grants Help Educators Help Community

Local educators teaching neighbors is what Consolidated Telcom of  Dickinson, North Dakota is enabling with their new $20k grant program. As Rhonda Dukart, marketing and public relations director for Consolidated Telcom, explains, this program is about helping people stay current with technology. The grants leverage the existing computer and communications resources of local schools in communities Consolidated […]

Content Tools Korner ViodiTV @ MIS2011 Youth

Discovery and Learning in Silicon Valley

“Learning is the process of discovering and exploring,” says former student and ClassConnect founder, Eric Simons.  Simons talks about the importance of putting rich (e.g. video, audio, interactivity) content into the hands of students to engage them in the learning process.  His company, ClassConnect, has content curation and creation tools that fit into a teacher’s […]

ViodiTV Youth

A Cost Effective Way to Use 3DTV as a Teaching Tool

Look closely at the background of this video and you will see an autostereoscopic 3D display. The cool thing about this type of display is that one doesn’t need glasses to view the 3D images. As explained by Rob Koplin of Elixir XES 3D, the first application for the displays was in the medical industry […]

Draft-IP Possibilities Stories from the Heartland ViodiTV Youth

Learning Communities Within a High School

Designed around five small learning interests, Colleton County High School in Walterboro, South Carolina is a different kind of high school.  Cliff Warren, Colleton County High School’s principal, talks about the unique design of this campus, as well as its academic approach of preparing students for career and college.  With five schools within a school, it […]

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