AB 5: A Consultant/Business Owner’s Perspective

“This is what your clients will soon be thinking and doing under AB 5. It will change your consulting practice,” writes Walt Maclay, a successful business owner/consultant, in an email to this author. Maclay was following up on the presentation he gave to fellow consultants at a recent CNSV event on the unintended repercussions of […]

Augmented Reality Virtual Reality

Augmented & Virtual Reality Making Actual Reality More Accurate

Anyone in the construction industry knows the challenges of matching the plans of architects and engineers to “as-built”. The reality doesn’t always match what had been carefully crafted on paper or computer. The resulting mismatch can lead to serious problems, impacting budget and schedule. Bruce Naylor, CTO of Streaming Curiosity, describes how they are adapting […]

ViodiTV ViodiTV @ WSTA

ViodiTV at WSTA 2009

Highlights from the 2009 WSTA Annual Convention. This edition of ViodiTV at WSTA was sponsored by Solarus and Central Cable Contractors. Highlights include Wisconsin PSC Commissioner Mark Meyer, Daniel Hardy and Judd Genda of Axley Brynelson, Gary Evans of Hiawatha Broadband, Jerry Wilke of RTG, Rob Riordan of Nsight, Andrew Walding of CellStream, Ann Anderson of Lemonweir Valley Tel, and […]

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