Augmented & Virtual Reality Making Actual Reality More Accurate

Anyone in the construction industry knows the challenges of matching the plans of architects and engineers to “as-built”. The reality doesn’t always match what had been carefully crafted on paper or computer. The resulting mismatch can lead to serious problems, impacting budget and schedule. Bruce Naylor, CTO of Streaming Curiosity, describes how they are adapting augmented and virtual reality to bring blueprints to life.

Naylor suggests an opportunity for this kind of product exists as, by eliminating mistakes, builders could reduce a project’s construction costs by up to 30%. He suggests that this sort of value-add could overcome resistance construction workers might have regarding the use of augmented and virtual reality technologies. This technology could be a tool for inspectors as they ensure a building meets local codes and rules.

Naylor, a former Bell Labs researcher, indicates that his earlier work in telecom and video games has helped inform his work on this still early stage technology.

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