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Public-Private Partnerships for Broadband & Beyond

Consolidated Telephone Company (CTC) has been at the forefront of innovative broadband community partnerships in the Land of 10,000 Lakes for the past decade. Their partnerships do not stop where the fiber ends, however. In this ViodiTV Real-Time Conversation, we learn from CTC CEO, Kristi Westbrock, about what it takes to have successful partnerships with […]

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Resilient Broadband & More in Challenging Times – a ViodiTV Real-Time Conversation

When you are 33 feet above sea-level and considered to be the Mount Everest of South Florida, you need a network that can withstand hurricanes and floods.  To accommodate this environment, Jeff Leslie and his team built an all-fiber, underground network to keep Treasure Coast businesses connected during natural disasters. As it turns out, ITS […]

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A Smarter, More Resilient Grid

“We are deploying broadband, we are partnering to deploy broadband and we are trying to bring high-speed Internet to rural America,” said Paul Breakman, Senior Director – Business Technologies Strategies, NRECA. Speaking at Calix ConneXions, Breakman provided an overview of the enormous opportunity NRECA members have to bring broadband to their respective members. The National […]

Regulatory ViodiTV

Connecting and Moving Forward

Matt Polka, President & CEO of ACA Connects, provides highlights of some of the issues discussed on a panel he moderated at Calix’s 2019 ConneXions. Featuring ACA’s legal counsel, Tom Cohen, and NTCA’s VP of Industry Affairs and Business Development, this panel looked at the issues broadband operators face in Washington D.C. Polka focuses on […]

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A Marriage of Marketing & Technology

One of the key takeaways from Calix’s 2019 ConneXions is the marriage of technology and marketing, according to Bernie Arnason, Principal with the Pivot Group. One might say this marriage has been formalized with Calix’s Go to Market Partner program, which Pivot Group is one of the certified partners. From a technology perspective, it is […]

Broadband Internet of Things Network Smart Grid ViodiTV @ NTCA

Fiber, 5G and Beyond

“They are actually going to be providing the access technology that enables a lot of this 5G network,” explains Teresa McGaughey, Sr. Director, Product Marketing for Calix. Speaking at the 2019 NTCA Business and Technology conference, McGaughey provides an overview of her talk on what she terms the alphabet soup of acronyms that encompass emerging […]

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A New Way to Listen and Interact with the Customer

The ability of the service provider to “own the customer experience” could get a little easier in 2018 with the help of a new gateway from Calix. As explained by Calix’s Chris Bernard, the prototype GigaCenter, demonstrated in the above video at ConneXions 2017, incorporates a microphone and speaker, enabling the service provider to provide […]

ViodiTV @ IP Possibilities

The Service Provider Flop

Using the high-jump and the initially unorthodox Fosbury Flop from the 1968 Olympics as a metaphor, Calix’s David Seda, the keynote speaker at the 2015 IP Possibilities Conference, suggested that it is time for the Service Provider Flop. That is, service providers must go from a network-centric way of looking at things to “Subscriber In”. This […]


The Gigabit “Halo Effect”

“There is this thing called a halo effect,” said David Seda, Vice President of Marketing for Calix. Seda says that the customer perceive those operators who offer gigabit services as being cutting-edge. As such, gigabit service is lifting the perceived value of an operators’ other services. Seda also talks about the increasing importance of software […]

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The Scoop on Rural Broadband

How much bandwidth do rural broadband customers need? That is the $4.5B question. Geoff Burke, senior director of corporate marketing for Calix, explains how much bandwidth rural customers are using, based on recent data measurements (January through March 2012)  from end-points distributed throughout rural America. Burke explains that one difference between this report and their […]

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