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Robocalls to the Human Highlight Film

A Brief Conversation with FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai No one can seemingly escape those annoying robocalls, not even the Chair of the FCC, Ajit Pai. In the above interview, Pai indicates that robocalls are his agency’s top consumer protection priority as indicated by the record fines levied against violators (e.g. this $120M fine). He also […]

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American Cable – 25 Years of Bridging Red and Blue #Summit25

“This is really a celebration of our members,” exclaims Matt Polka, as he summarizes the 2018 American Cable Association’s Summit 25 in the above video. Brought together from the fallout of the 1992 Cable Act, the founding ACA members managed to unite an industry around the idea of telling their respective stories of serving communities […]

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Digital Opportunities through Grassroots Efforts #Summit25

“This is the real story of America; how people in small towns and big cities alike are coming together to try to create what I call, digital opportunity,” exclaims Ajit Pai, in the above interview filmed on March 21st at the ACA Summit.  Pai describes how the grassroots efforts to build broadband were a recurring […]

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Digital Opportunity as the End Goal

Digital opportunity is the end goal, says FCC Chairman Ajit Pai.¹ In the above interview, Pai states, “Broadband is not a Republican issue, it is not a Democratic issue; it is an American issue.” He explains that providing digital opportunity requires that Internet is available to all who want it or, as he put in […]

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Reducing Barriers to Broadband Rights of Way

In comments made last Friday to the American Legislative Exchange Council’s Task Force on Communications and Technology, FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai suggested that state legislatures need to be proactive in reducing and removing barriers for over-the-top business of all types, such as the examples he provides in telemedicine and transportation. Pai stated that, “States should be […]

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Ideas for More Efficient Regulation

“Do our rules help or hurt innovation,” said FCC Commissioner, Ajit Pai at the 2013 ACA Summit. Pai was talking about the dynamic nature of the telecommunications and video industry and how it is important that regulations stay current. He has a number of ideas the FCC can implement without Congressional action, including setting and […]

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