Reducing Barriers to Broadband Rights of Way

In comments made last Friday to the American Legislative Exchange Council’s Task Force on Communications and Technology, FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai suggested that state legislatures need to be proactive in reducing and removing barriers for over-the-top business of all types, such as the examples he provides in telemedicine and transportation. Pai stated that, “States should be proactive in reducing regulatory barriers to infrastructure investment.”

The above interview with attorney Michael Keeling provides an example of the proactive removal of an infrastructure barrier by a state legislature. Keeling was a major force in the creation of and passage of Arizona Senate Bill 1402. By redefining roadway rights-of-way to include the transport of information, this bill promises to speed the deployment of fiber optic (longitudinal) and wireless infrastructure (vertical). It has provisions to encourage duct sharing, as well an approach that allows for a return on investment for both the providers broadband as well as the public.

With overwhelming support from both sides of the aisle, the Arizona legislation proves Commissioner Pai’s comments that facilitating broadband roll-out is something that all parties can agree on.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the Michael Keeling interview.

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