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Ambient Health Monitoring and More

One problem with aging is that it tends to be gradual. To date, the slow decay brought by time has been difficult to measure on a day-to-day basis. The approach that Somalytics is taking with its prototype mat may change the immeasurable part of the decline. Using their carbon-nanotube capacitive technology, the scientists, and engineers […]

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Broadband Drives Housing Occupancy

From about 50% to greater than 90% occupancy is the impact that broadband as an amenity has had on the Stoneridge Apartments. In the above video, Brittany Hustad, Project Manager Corporate Services for Dominium, explains that earlier efforts at rehabilitating various Stoneridge amenities failed to drive occupancy rates. It was the inclusion of broadband as […]

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The Fungible Cell Tower – #CES2022

If a portable cellular tower on wheels is called a COW, then what does one call a drone with a tether for power and communications? Perhaps the answer is Superfly™.  Whatever the acronym, Spooky Action is bringing a new approach to creating ad-hoc communications networks and more. At the heart of Spooky Action’s innovation is […]

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Circular Shower = Less Water and a Better Environment #CES2022

A Kelowna, British Columbia wife and husband team have turned their passion for the environment into a better shower. RainStick’s product focuses on the efficient use of a drop of water. That is, by cleansing and recirculating that drop up to six times, Rainstick Shower indicates there is an 80% reduction in water use and […]

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Jumping at New Opportunities Thanks to a Fiber & WiFi Backbone

“What we did is a JumpStart Challenge. We gave people six weeks to figure out a new business and then we did a sponsorship and a little competition,” explains Allo Communications‘ Brad Moline. Moline, president & CEO of Allo, is describing the contest that solicited community input for how to utilize their gigabit fiber and […]

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Our Purpose – To Connect Communities

“That’s our purpose; to connect communities,” says Brad Moline president and CEO of Nebraska-based Broadband Service Provider, Allo Communications.  Speaking at Calix’s ConneXions 2021, Moline explains how Allo’s fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network is foundational for creating gigabit societies in the communities they serve. As background, Allo has grown from serving a single town in rural western […]

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Wireless Beyond Naming Rights

“We are recognizing that some type of wireless solution has to be part of our overall strategy,” explains ImOn Communications President & CEO Patrice Carroll. She goes on to say that fiber and wireless are complementary and in some extremely rural areas wireless is the only economically viable way to provide broadband service. Wireless, in […]

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The Blockchain Home Surveillance Camera #CES2020

At CES2020, IoTex built on its CES2019 debut with a home surveillance camera produced in partnership with Tenvis. IoTex’s open-source blockchain technology secures the privacy of the end-user so that Tenvis or IoTex can’t see their customers’ personal information and video streams. The camera specifications are especially impressive for a $49 device. According to this […]

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An IoT Device that Shines

It’s easy to be dismissive of bringing broadband into the home bathroom, but Shine CEO, Chris Herbert, makes a strong case for his company’s soon-to-be-released, IoT device, Shine Bathroom Assistant. Shine has a simple value proposition, which is the automated cleaning and maintenance of the commode. A loo that is always clean and that doesn’t […]

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