Ambient Health Monitoring and More

One problem with aging is that it tends to be gradual. To date, the slow decay brought by time has been difficult to measure on a day-to-day basis. The approach that Somalytics is taking with its prototype mat may change the immeasurable part of the decline.

Using their carbon-nanotube capacitive technology, the scientists, and engineers at Somalytics have demonstrated how they can measure the change in a person’s gate by standing on a mat. Coupled with data analytics, as shown in the above video interview with Somalytics CEO, Barbara Barclay, it will be possible to infer changes in one’s health over time.

Barclay first hinted at some other applications in this November 2021 ViodiTV interview. For instance, integration of their technology in bathmats or other devices will allow for the collection of health metadata without interfering with a person’s routine or intervention by said person.

Another use-case is touch-free controls, as demonstrated in the above video with the touch-free control of lights. A recent Hyundai showcase validates Somalytics’ touch-free approach to device control. In this case, Somalytics, Inc.’s SomaCap sensors were part of a gesture-control car door handle concept.

Somalytics just announced their first consumer product, the SomaSleep sleep mask. SomaSleep will use Somalytics paper-thin capacitive sensors combined with a mask to track the quality of sleep via eye movement. Adequate sleep is important to many aspects of human health.[1]

In the above interview, Barclay makes a prediction that suggests they would return to CES2023 and be a CES2023 Innovation award winner. Congratulations, Barbara as your prediction came true!

[1] For instance, see this ViodiTV interview with Colin Lawlor of the Sleep Institute. Or this interview with Ariel Gartner and how her company, Interaxon, uses guided meditation to provide better sleep. That interview also refers to the seminal book on the topic, Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker, Ph.D.

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