Dish Soap Enabling Deeper Fiber

Imagine if cable companies had put in micro-ducts years ago when they installed coaxial cable. Instead of waiting for sometimes months or years for permits and extensive engineering, cable providers would be able to react to opportunities and competitive threats by installing fiber deeper into their networks via already installed ducts. The folks at Deep […]

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Know Your Customer’s Business – Part 2

Veteran telecommunications’ engineer and author, Jim Farmer, explains the process for the development of Scientific Atlanta’s 6350 modulator, which helped propel Scientific Atlanta as a leader in the headend space in the late 1970s and 1980s.  He explains how he and fellow industry luminary, Alex Best, developed the 6350 largely based on what they had learned from […]

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Know Your Customer’s Business – Part 1

Cable industry engineering icon and SCTE Hall of Fame member, Jim Farmer, who retired in August after some 45 years of service to the cable TV industry, discusses some of the people who influenced his career. He also indicates that engineering organizations, such as IEEE and SCTE, were important to his growth as an engineer […]

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The Broadband Generalist

Cooperation is a common theme of any SCTE event. Started as a grassroots continuing education effort some 44 years ago, SCTE has always been about individuals working together to improve the cable telecom industry. That spirit was as strong ever at this year’s cable tech expo. Mark Dzuban, president and CEO of SCTE, characterized the […]

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