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Lessons from Italian Schools on How to Go Online in a Time of Shutdown

[Note: the above interview was captured using the 8× service and then broadcast live via a YouTube live stream.] COVID-19 is driving at least a temporary shift to online learning, as evidenced by the many college campuses across America that are closing their physical classes and moving to virtual ones instead. It’s not clear that […]

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Welcome Back to the Family Phone #CES2016

A family phone for the 21st century is the promise of the Ily phone introduced at CES 2016. Utilizing WebRTC, Ily bridges the world of the traditional landline phone with tablet and smart phones. As Insensi founder and CEO, Ilan Abeheassera, explains in the above video, his aim is to make it easy for different generations […]

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Look Ma, Video with No Plug-Ins

For anyone who has ever faced the frustration of having to download a plug-in to launch a web conferencing program, WebRTC may provide the answer. Providing real-time communications via simple JavaScript APIs within the browser (Chrome, Opera, Mozilla) or mobile app, it is very simple for the average user to view video or contribute their […]

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