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The Fungible Cell Tower – #CES2022

If a portable cellular tower on wheels is called a COW, then what does one call a drone with a tether for power and communications? Perhaps the answer is Superfly™.  Whatever the acronym, Spooky Action is bringing a new approach to creating ad-hoc communications networks and more. At the heart of Spooky Action’s innovation is […]

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The 5G Power Challenge

Is power an Achille’s heel of 5G? PowerRox’s Brian Zahnstecher, the co-chair of the IEEE, International Network Generations Roadmap (INGR) Energy Efficiency Working Group, provides an update to an earlier ViodiTV interview regarding the work of the IEEE 5G Energy Efficiency Working Group. Joining him is Marty Snyder of CICUSA, a system integrator that has […]

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A Holistic Power View of 5G

Could the billions and billions of devices IoT promised by the rollout of 5G have an unintended impact of destabilizing or even taking down the grid? That was a question that bothered Brian Zahnstecher last year. Zahnstecher, Principal at PowerRox is well-positioned to answer this question, as he and his firm consult on power electronics […]

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Fiber, 5G and Beyond

“They are actually going to be providing the access technology that enables a lot of this 5G network,” explains Teresa McGaughey, Sr. Director, Product Marketing for Calix. Speaking at the 2019 NTCA Business and Technology conference, McGaughey provides an overview of her talk on what she terms the alphabet soup of acronyms that encompass emerging […]

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Another Tool in the Broadband Toolbox

The final 300 feet is often the toughest for broadband providers. Whether in a large house, a business or a multi-dwelling unit, structures with their legacy wiring, walls and various construction materials present challenges for operators in bringing gigabit from the demarcation point to the end device. This was the topic of an NTCA Business […]


Invisible & Visible Light for Secure Communications #CES2019

Up to 100 Mbs securely shared over 16 people is what OLEDCOMM promises with its LiFi solution. As OLEDCOMM CEO, Benjamin Azoulay explains at CES2019, light doesn’t pass through walls like radio signals (WiFi), so their LiFi approach makes for an excellent way to wirelessly transmitting secure information within confined spaces. OLEDCOMM envisions an array […]

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Satellite Texting Without a Subscription #CES2019

The ability to send an emergency text with GPS location information is what Higher Ground offers with its SatPaq™ and SpaceLinq™ app. By using Geosynchronous satellites and a clever radio design and app, Higher Ground’s solution could literally be a lifesaver for anyone in an emergency where there is no telecommunications network. Best of all, […]

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A Forum for Broadband and More

Lincoln Lavoie, Senior Engineer for the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Lab, provides an overview of the Broadband Forum’s October 27th, 2018 BASe event.   The event covered all types of next generation access, whether wired (e.g. NGPON2) or wireless (e.g. 5G), as well as access within the home. Lavoie, who is also Technical Committee Chair of the […]

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New 20+ Hour Fire Power from a Hidden Dragon #CES2018

20 years ago, Qualcomm’s demonstration of Windows running on the Snapdragon process would have probably been the headline news of CES. Of course, 20 years ago, a lap-top computer with an always-on, wireless broadband connection and with battery life of more than 20 hours would have been unthinkable. The above video from CES2018 shows a […]

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An Opportunity to Better Understand the Network #CNV2016

One of the major benefits of virtualization is that it allows operators to decrease the time of product launch and improve quality through better testing prior to launch. An example of this was the announcement this week by Calix (a Viodi video production client) of its AXOS Sandbox, which virtualizes the traditional lab environment onto […]

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