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Will Solar Be a Driver of Autonomous Vehicles?

Paper-thin panels that mold to a surface are critical for solar power to power devices in non-traditional places. Some of those unusual places could be the rooftop or spoilers of a next-generation vehicle, according to Ben Lenail, Director of Business Development, for solar panel manufacturer, Alta Devices, a Hanergy Company.   Speaking at the World […]

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Electric Mobility for the 5 foot or 7 foot Person #CES2017

Its name, the Commuter Scooter, is a good descriptor of the last-mile, electric vehicle from Ojo Electric. With a top-speed of 20 MPH, riders are able to take advantage of bike lanes and travel distances of up to 25 miles without a charge. With its built-in charger and retractable power cord, it plugs into a […]

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The eBike Delivery Van #VERGE16

With 600 lbs of payload, a top speed of 18 miles per hour and 18 to 20 miles range, the Truck Trike could be a game changer when it comes to last-mile, urban delivery. Compared to traditional delivery vans, this e-bike with human assist does not have tailpipe exhaust, is much quieter and especially good […]

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An Electrifying Roadster @IDTechExShow

Combining a classic style, with the advantages of an electric car without a $70k price tag, is what the Shockwave Motors Defiant promises. Interviewed at the IDTechEx conference, Shockwave Motors founder and designer, John McMillian, discusses the features of this three-person, three-wheel around-town vehicle. With a standard range of 80 to 100 miles and a […]

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