Electric Mobility for the 5 foot or 7 foot Person #CES2017

Its name, the Commuter Scooter, is a good descriptor of the last-mile, electric vehicle from Ojo Electric. With a top-speed of 20 MPH, riders are able to take advantage of bike lanes and travel distances of up to 25 miles without a charge.

With its built-in charger and retractable power cord, it plugs into a standard wall outlet and requires one hour to recharge from 20% battery and 7 to 8 hours for 100% battery drain. An alternative to plugging in is to swap batteries.

Riders don’t need a motorcycle license to operate, so it is ideal for almost anyone looking for a relatively low-cost, low-polluting, mobility solution. The rider may stand on the treaded deck or sit on the adjustable seat. An optional basket provides storage.

They also don’t have to worry about securing it, as a key FOB is used for initiating rides, locating the scooter and turning on and off the security system. Further it has a motion-activated alarm, if someone tries to carry it away.

The influence of its entertainment-industry founders is seen in its design, particularly with features such as its digital dashboard and Bluetooth speakers.

At the time of the above interview, Ojo had announced deals with Amazon and Best Buy. Fast-forward to CES2018 and Ojo will be launching a line of six Ojo Commuter Scooters licensed to Ford, as part of the latter’s mobility offering.

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